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Leucine in Combination with Anti-Inflammatories Prevents Age Related Muscle Loss

Recent studies have shown the anabolic, muscle sparing effects of the branch chain amino acid Leucine in combination with anti-inflammatories. Elderly patients suffering from skeletal muscle loss (sarcopenia), a chronic and progressive phenomenon in which 3-8% of skeletal muscle is lost per decade beginning at age 30, showed improvement in muscle protein synthesis after ingestion of high biological value protein. Leucine a popular Branch Chain Amino Acid used in sports nutrition supplements was shown in several studies to modulate protein synthesis and skeletal muscle degradation. Reducing inflammatory mediators Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-a) and interleukin 6 (IL-6) with anti-inflammatories showed a decrease in signaling pathways for the breakdown of protein. To summarize, supplementing with a good amino acid that offers an efficacious dose of the branch chain amino acid Leucine can help speed muscle protein synthesis and reduce the age related loss of skeletal muscle tissue. Along with a good amino acid supplement, a potent natural anti-inflammatory can help decrease inflammatory signaling molecules involved in the breakdown of protein.    

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By Thomas Brooks

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