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Exercise and the Fate of Stubborn Fat

It’s been known since antiquity that exercise improves health and prevents age related diseases. A new study reveals the role of Irisin, a novel signaling molecule named after the Greek goddess, Iris, known as the messenger of the gods. Irisin is released during exercise, transforming white fat cells into brown or brite cells. Transforming white fat cells into brite cells is a critical step in burning fat. The complex physiology of fat burning is increasingly being mapped by scientists, and many promising gene regulators like PGC-1a are turning the tables on genetic predispositions.

So it only goes to wonder with the right exercise and diet regimen what'll become of that stubborn fat?

Come into Capitol Nutrition and we can help you choose the products the are effective for the production of PGC-1a

Nature 481, 463–468 (26 January 2012) doi:10.1038/nature10777 Published online 11 January 2012.

By Thomas Brooks

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